Last Minute Deal Contiki | Barcelona to London Quest | Summer | 2024

The perfect mix of seasides and cities, the Barcelona to London Quest kicks off in Barcelona, skirting the Mediterranean Sea before heading up through the middle of Italy and on to Eastern Europe, winding up in London after a perfectly balanced adventure.

Tour Operator: Contiki
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      • 19 Jun 24
      • 6 Jul 24
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      • 8 Jul 24
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      • 13 Jul 24
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      • 15 Jul 24
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      • 20 Jul 24
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      • $5,948
      • 17 Jul 24
      • 3 Aug 24
      • $6,939
      • 24 Jul 24
      • 10 Aug 24
      • $6,279
      • 26 Jul 24
      • 12 Aug 24
      • $4,626
      • 31 Jul 24
      • 17 Aug 24
      • $6,939
      • 9 Aug 24
      • 26 Aug 24
      • $6,939

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      • 14 Aug 24
      • 31 Aug 24
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      • 16 Aug 24
      • 2 Sep 24
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      • 23 Aug 24
      • 9 Sep 24
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      • 16 Sep 24
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      • 6 Sep 24
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      • 13 Sep 24
      • 30 Sep 24
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      • 4 Oct 24
      • 21 Oct 24
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      • 11 Oct 24
      • 28 Oct 24
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Barcelona to French Riviera

    Good morning travellers, rise and shine!  Meet up with your Trip Manager this morning and your new Contiki Squad today as we say farewell to the home of Gaudi, sangria and year-round sunshine!  You're not a real celebrity until you've frolicked on the French Riviera, and who are we to keep you off the A-List? Sapphire waters & endless glamour await on this glitzy coastline, with an included dinner to kick things off.


    Day 2 - French Riviera

    Missing an opportunity to see this part of the world up close and personal would be criminal. Speaking of things you shouldn't miss, this region is famous for lavender honey, aioli & rosé wine; all 3 in one meal should be your mission.  Please tell us you didn't throw away all of your pennies on perfume today? Because you're going to want a few spare coins tonight so you can play fancy. We're visiting the Monte Carlo Casino & the Royal Palace in Monaco.   After a night on the blackjack table it's back to the coast and to bed, the next part of the adventure starts tomorrow.


    Day 3 - French Riviera to Cinque Terre

    Having exhausted all our hilarious Nice puns, we'll head south in search of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Cinque Terre. Welcome to Cinque Terre, the sexiest collection of fishing villages on the planet. Armed with your rail pass, spend the day absorbing the dramatic beauty of this place, but we suggest you get out for a hike, a food crawl, some vino or all of the above.


    Day 4 - Cinque Terre to Florence

    Have an extra coffee before we make tracks this morning, the extra energy hit will serve you well as we're gallivanting around Italy swooping from one wow moment to another. As if we were going to leg it to Florence without a sneaky side trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Depriving you of the chance to perfect the holding-up-the-tower shot would be down right criminal.  Explore the city's markets complete with gelato in hand; marvel at artworks from the likes of legends like Michelangelo; and be impressed by the skilful art of leather at an included demonstration. These are the sorts of activities likely to fill your Florence agenda.


    Day 5 - Florence to Sorrento

    After farewell-ing Florence this morning we will journey along the boot of Italy until we reach the globally adored town of Sorrento for some blissed out coast hangs.  "So so so so in love with Sorrento" are about the only words you'll muster up tonight as you sit seaside watching the sunset in this town of beauty.


    Day 6 - Sorrento with Amalfi

    It simply wouldn't be a trip to Sorrento without a side note to... We'll head over to the island of Capri for the day. With its gorgeous cragged coastline and opulent cafes, it's easy to see why this is such a playground for the rich and famous. If you'd like to spend some time on the water, opt for a cruise, with swim stops & great views of the coastline. Back in Sorrento, we'll stroll along the plunging cliffs, explore the impossibly pretty historical centre and taste some local gnocchi.


    Day 7 - Sorrento to Rome

    Another glorious Italian day awaits us. Iconic sites and ancient history will keep our jaws at floor level until our heads hit our pillows. After less than an hour gazing lovingly out of our windows at the Amalfi Coast, it will be time for a stop. Here in the ancient city of Pompeii you will have the chance to partake in a guided walking tour taking in Roman city remains. Today's roadtrip beauty is never-ending as we take in the volcanic beauty of Mt. Vesuvius en route to Rome. On arrival in the open time capsule that is Italy's capital, your Trip Manager will get you straight into the sightseeing. The Roman Forum and Colosseum can both be ticked off your list should you be in the mood for a little history.


    Day 8 - Rome

    Rome wasn't built in a day - so get up and get going early to make the most of this ancient city an hit the streets for your own discoveries. Snap pink azaleas by the Colosseum, throw coins in fountains and sip espresso in a pretty street watching Italian life float by.


    Day 9 - Rome to Venice

    We have two more pins dropped on the Italian map before we start conquering new countries. And you'll be pleased to know they are both pretty special.  In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, a posse of travellers, all alike in excitement, check out the place that inspired Romeo & Juliet, yes, the very same balcony. One for the romantics of the group. We'll also check out the Roman Arena where other love stories were told.  Kudos to the cats of decades gone by who constructed this lagoon fairytale. The 118 islands of Venice are yours to explore. Boats, bridges, gondolas; your heart is going to pound. Relax tonight knowing we have all day tomorrow to cruise canals & explore pretty streets. Just another day in the traveller's life.


    Day 10 - Venice

    Wake-up sleeping beauties! Venice is yours for the entirety of this glorious Italian day. We'll be jumping aboard our own private boat and hitting the canals en route to the historical heart of the city. A guided walking tour and a gondola ride are up for grabs, or you can always choose to get lost on your own and see where the maze takes you.


    Day 11 - Venice to Salzburg

    That's it for our stint in Italy. Gelato, pizza, historical monuments, coastlines, gondolas; you have all been wonderful! Onwards and geographically upwards - it's time for the mountain ranges that made the Sound of Music famous. Also home to Mozart, you can be pretty certain this place knows a beat. Today we'll also see the largest preserved fortress in Central Europe - Hohensalzburg - and have the chance to visit a local farm and enjoy an authentic Austrian Dinner prepared by our hosts.


    Day 12 - Salzburg to Prague

    Austria, you are an overwhelming beauty. Although it would be nice to stay forever, it's time for us to cross the border into the Czech Republic. With Prague on the horizon, things are looking mighty fine.  Castles and bridges and gothic cathedrals make the city of Prague a surprise and delight. Compact and bursting with atmosphere, use your free time to trot around on foot and see what you stumble upon (hoping to heaven it's the traditional fruit dumpling of ovocné knedlíky).


    Day 13 - Prague

    With a full day to loiter, expect an entire photo album of Gothic architecture, market antiques & you cheers-ing local beer; not to mention life! Use your free time to shop for some famous Bohemian beads and amber jewellery or dive a little deeper into the lanes and courtyards of the Old Town, and sus out a roof bar for a cocktail overlooking the city.


    Day 14 - Prague to Berlin

    Just remember, with every great city we leave behind, we get a little bit closer to somewhere new to explore. And today that somewhere new happens to be the cultural hub of Berlin. Thanks for everything, Czech! road trip from Prague to Berlin would not be complete without stopping in Dresden. Destroyed during World War II, the rebuilt city is now a symbol of resilience, soaked in the rebirth beauty of an Opera house, the domed Frauenkirche, & the Royal Residence. Come for a wall covered in art & history, stay for a culture of cool, a smorgasbord of partying & enough unique German flair to leave you desperate to see the rest of the country. Today we will shower you in iconic sites, none more interesting than the remains of the Berlin Wall.


    Day 15 - Berlin

    Get into the mood of exploration. Berlin has so much to offer the hungry traveller, from the obvious icons like Checkpoint Charlie to all the obscurities tucked away in the side streets.


    Day 16 - Berlin to Amsterdam

    It's time to hit the original fast-track of the autobahn and make our way out of Germany. We have one last city to tick off & it's sure to see us go out with a bang. Whatever eclectic fantasies you have about Amsterdam, the real life version will impress you more. Fire yourself up for pretty canals, a bounty of unique museums & quirky cafes galore.


    Day 17 - Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is cute as a button & sure to win your heart with its canals, obscure museums & a café culture like no other. Today use your time to get local, bar hop, museum crawl, and see what other tastes take your fancy, this place is famous for pancakes, frites and so much more. This evening, opt in to enjoy a unique (and absolutely delicious) dinner with the rest of our Contiki fam.


    Day 18 - Amsterdam to London

    Get your tissues ready, it's time to say goodbye to your new Contiki family. We'll escort you to Schiphol Airport by about 10am. For those not leaving us until London, we'll travel south through Belgium - cross another country off your list. This afternoon we cross from France to England and then back to London-town, where you'll be left to start dreaming up your next big adventure.


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