helloworld Travel has partnered with Flybuys to let you earn Flybuys points on your travel bookings - See "Earn Flybuys points with helloworld Travel ".

Plus you can spend your Flybuys points through a helloworld Travel store by redeeming them through the Flybuys Store. - "See 'Redeem points for a helloworld Travel Voucher'. 

Earn Flybuys points with helloworld Travel

  ✔ Cruises, holiday packages, accommodation and many more in store deals

 ✔ Earn Flybuys (1 pt for every $50 to a maximum of $10,000) 

✔ Your Flybuys points will be allocated when your booking is fully paid and has departed.

Redeem points for helloworld Travel Vouchers - Flybuys Store

Now you can pay for all or part of your trip with your Flybuys by redeeming your points on the Flybuys Store website:. Present your voucher at your local helloworld Travel store and say hello to somewhere new in the world.  Pay with Flybuys (e.g. 725 points = $100) 

Please note that a travel agent service charge applies to all flight bookings.

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Having any difficuties with earning or redeeming your Flybuys points?

Please email the helloworld Support Team on support@helloworld.co.nz 

Terms and Conditions

EARNING FLYBUYS: Flybuys will be issued for all forms of payment except Airline Travel Cards. You can arrange your travel by visiting, calling or emailing your local helloworld Travel store. Flybuys are collected only when full monies have been paid by the Flybuys member for the applicable goods and services, and travel departed. Flybuys cannot be issued on some purchases. This includes airport taxes, travellers cheques, foreign currency, taxes, visas, passports, domestic insurance, cancellation fees, booking fees and service fees. Flybuys cannot be split between members and will be processed onto one Flybuys account. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Flybuys offer from helloworld Travel. Flybuys terms & conditions can be viewed at flybuys.co.nz. REDEEMING FLYBUYS FOR TRAVEL: Flybuys points can be used to purchase any helloworld Travel online products (currently flights), or you can use a combination of Flybuys and debit or credit card. You will be required to sign in to your Flybuys account if paying in part or in full with Flybuys. The total number of Flybuys required to complete your purchase will be displayed at the payment stage of your online booking. Flybuys are redeemed on flybuys.co.nz in the form of helloworld Travel travel vouchers to use towards your flight, cruise or holiday purchase. helloworld Travel travel vouchers cannot be redeemed for foreign exchange. Travel vouchers are valid for 365 days once Flybuys are exchanged. When booking your holiday travel agent service fees may be applicable. The standard fare conditions and fare class rules are applicable to your booking irrespective of the form of payment. Some International flights may include Government and/or Airport charges which cannot be paid by Flybuys. Flybuys terms & conditions can be viewed at flybuys.co.nz.