Contiki | Ultimate South East Asia

Sharpen your chopstick skills & clear a month of your calendar. This is so much more than a holiday. Walk the streets of Bangkok.

Explore limestone caves in Laos. Participate in Buddhist alms giving. Stay on a junk boat. (No big deal). This trip is the magical mix of everything south-east Asia has to offer!

Tour Operator: Contiki
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Bangkok

    Touch down in Thailand's capital. After checking into our hotel there'll be time for DIY exploring, a massage or lying by the pool to catch the first of that sweet tropical sunshine. Later we'll rendezvous back at base so you can hear what's in store for the trip, then the night is yours to enjoy authentic Pad Thai & the Khao San road nightlife.


    Day 2 - Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

    We'll start the day early, with so much to see, there's no time to waste. Catching Bangkok's water taxi system with the city locals is the most convenient way to get to our first stop - The Royal Palace. With our incredible local guide leading the charge, we will learn all about its 61 acres of incredible architecture and some traditions of the Thailand Royal Family. Then we'll jump on our private boat for a tour of the klongs (canals) and some fish feeding. Just listing today's sites gives us the butterflies. Once we get back to the hotel, ask your Trip Manager where to find the best local lunch before we wave goodbye to Bangkok. Bangkok, you've been a dream! But the show must go on. Fast becoming a must-visit in this part of the world, we make tracks to our next destination - the sleepy town of Kanchanaburi. We'll start with a stop to visit the most famous bridge in town & The Death Railway Museum & WWII Cemetery will give you a healthy dose of history. And then it’s time to reach our home for the night - right on the riverfront! (Yes, you can jump in the river directly from your room.) Nothing like being greeted with a delicious dinner of local specialities, right? We’ll finish the day off watching the sunset over the dazzling landscape.


    Day 3 - Kanchanaburi to Chiang Mai via Ayutthaya

    We've got an exciting journey ahead of us today! We'll first make our way to the impressive Erawan falls. Walk across the serene trials. Or dip your feet into the emerald blue waters before we head to our next destination. We’ll make a stop in the UNESCO listed city of Ayutthaya, once the capital of Kingdom of Siam before being destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th Century. We'll grab bikes & ride past ornate temples, towering spires and beautiful palaces. Later, we board our overnight train to Chiang Mai. All aboard for Chiang Mai!


    Day 4 - Overnight Train to Chiang Mai via Elephant Nature Park

    Time to rise and shine. Today we're waking up in Chiang Mai! Right here in this city is everything you’ve been waiting for. That’s right, we’re spending an entire day at an elephant nature park! Watch these majestic giants strolling through their natural habitat as a part of an unforgettable MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience. (Who knows, you might even befriend one!). We’ll grab a wholesome lunch at the park and make our way to Chiang Mai. A free evening in this blissful city? How about spending the evening zipping around on a Vespa? Exploring like a local is the best way to explore, after all.


    Day 5 - Chiang Mai

    Ah yes. A completely free day in this amazing city - and there’s so much you can do. How about getting into a glove game with a Muay Thai lesson? Or maybe tour the local markets, guided by the head chef - who’ll then teach you how to rustle up an authentic Thai meal (right in the middle of a rice field!). The city really is all yours to make the most of.


    Day 6 - Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

    It’s time to bid farewell to this lovely place. Why, you ask? Because we’re saying hello to the Chiang (‘city’ in Thai) of colourful temples! We’ll munch on a delicious breakfast, then head straight there. The Black House Museum. A blue temple, and a majestic white one too. Welcome to the city where the beauty of colours culminates. We’ll drop our bags off at our hotel and head straight to the Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) - a modern architectural marvel, entirely designed using white glass. You won’t really find any temple like this in Thailand! We’ll then call it a day after admiring the incredible design of Wat Rong Seua Ten (Blue Temple), and the Baan Dam Museum.


    Day 7 - Chiang Rai to Pakbeng

    Taking a border hop, we’ll cross out of Thailand and into Laos. After collecting our oh-so-valuable passport stamps, we’ll journey to Pakbeng, taking part of the trip by river cruise on a local boat. Remote, traditional, and endlessly charming, Pakbeng is a true traveller’s dream.


    Day 8 - Pak Beng To Luang Prabang

    Leaving Pak Beng, we make our way to Luang Prabang - get ready for gorgeous waterfalls, biking explorations and a chance to experience the local community and sacred Buddhist rituals. Ending our Mekong River magic we arrive in the much-loved city of Luang Prabang. Temples dusted in gold, historic French mansions, & locals wrapped in saffron robes make this one of the prettiest places in Asia. Our explorations will involve a sunset from a hill-top stupa & a bout of shopping at the local night markets.


    Day 9 - Luang Prabang

    A city cycle and a swim under the 60-metre cascades of Kuang Si Falls will provide our daily nature fix, but most of the day is yours to visit palaces & temples & watch local life by the river, or choose to explore any way that suits. Tonight, watch the sunset at a riverside bar, and contemplate just how good life is and how relaxed you already feel just one week in.


    Day 10 - Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng

    This morning, the early risers will be rewarded with Buddhist rituals – kissed by the sun's morning rays. Take part in the daily ritual of offering alms to the Monks of Luang Prabang's 34 temples. After collecting our blessings, we’ll jump on a high-speed train that’ll whizz us to a lively tourist hub filled with plentiful opportunities for adventure. Makes leaving the charming town of Luang Prabang a little easier, right? Known for its dramatic limestone karsts, Vang Vieng will keep you busy this evening. Explore the local rivers and caves by kayak, or chill out surrounded by like-minded travellers, watching the sun set over the mountains.


    Day 11 - Vang Vieng to Vientiane

    Today you should wake up feeling satisfied with your Vang Vieng explorations, and ready to peel back the layers of another Laos hotspot… Welcome to the largest city in Laos! If you’re expecting a bustling Asian capital, prepare to be surprised. The vibe here is strictly chilled. Apart from seeing the beauty of Pha That Luang stupa & the artistic talent of Patuxai, we’ll use our time here to lend a helping hand to the COPE centre - a local charity that provides prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services to those who have lost their limbs as a result of unexploded bombs. It’s now time to visit the Buddha Park - a fanciful sculpture garden adorned with significant Buddhist images. Spend some time talking amongst the bizarre & sometimes ornate statues, and head back to our hotel for a good night’s rest.


    Day 12 - Vientiane to Phnom Penh

    This morning we’ll cross the border sky high, flying out of Laos as we make our way to the capital of Cambodia. Drop your bags off at our cool hotel in the Bassac Quarter (the perfect spot to kick back with a beer and a bite). We’re doing some historical sight-seeing today. We’ll visit The Royal Palace (the official residence of the Cambodian royals) and the Silver Pagoda (one of the finest examples of Khmer architecture). Later tonight, the city is yours to explore as you please.


    Day 13 - Phnom Penh

    You'll find reminders of Cambodia’s dark past hidden among the shy smiles and pretty tree-lined streets. Today we'll learn about the horrific Khmer Rouge rule by visiting the mass graves of the ‘Killing Fields’ & the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum with our local guide. Once we’re done paying respect, we’ll head back to our hotel located at an after-dark dinner hotspot. (Ask your Trip Manager for some local favourites!)


    Day 14 - Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

    Another included flight takes us out of Cambodia's capital this morning, landing us in the heartland of an ancient masterpiece and what is still the largest religious monument in the world. The resort town is all yours to explore today. You could relax poolside in the afternoon. Or visit the Phare Circus (which also holds the Guiness World Record for the longest circus show) for some insane multicultural entertainment. There are plenty of things you could spice up your night with - but it's probably best to reserve your energy for our early morning visit to an Eighth Wonder of the World (and something we know you've all been waiting for).


    Day 15 - Siem Reap

    Prepare to be moved to the core this morning as we journey to Angkor Wat through dawn's hours in preparation for sunrise. Nothing can quite describe the feeling of watching the day's first rays touch this ancient spiritual site, it's pretty much magic. After a siesta and pool hangs to break up the day back at our hotel, we journey back to the temples to explore Angkor Thom and the Tomb Raider temple of Ta Prohm, which is slowly being swallowed by the jungle. With knowledge in hand, we'll pay a visit to a social enterprise, where disadvantaged and former street children are trained up in hospitality skills. And wow, do they do it well; their frozen shakes and mouth-watering menu never fail to impress. With no early rise on tomorrow's agenda, we can let loose on the city's famous Pub Street and the buzzing local night markets.


    Day 16 - Siem Reap To Ho Chi Minh City

    Saying good-bye to some of your group at breakfast will be sad, but the thought of getting to Vietnam will no doubt cheer you up! With a coriander filled Bánh mì in one hand and a Vietnamese coffee in the other, hit the road and get ready to explore the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh. Tonight we can grab a meal together and explore the exciting Ho Chi Minh City nightlife.


    Day 17 - Ho Chi Minh City To Mekong Delta

    Today we leave Ho Chi Minh exchanging fast paced city life for an energy that's a little more quaint. Such is the contrasting beauty of Vietnam. Though this isn't the first time we are seeing the Mekong Delta, our journey in a traditional boat will prove just how dramatically this river's fringes can vary. We'll see floating markets, visit a rice paper factory and sip some of Vietnam's famous rice whiskey. A home-cooked meal and local musicians will round off our day as we settle in for a night at a local guesthouse.


    Day 18 - Mekong Delta To Ho Chi Minh City

    After an early breakfast we'll make our way back to Ho Chi Minh, detouring past Viet Cong’s Cu Chi Tunnels. See traps, hidden doors & some of the 250kms of tunnels that Vietnamese resistance fighters dug by hand, and even go down into the skinny tunnels to experience them first hand in this look into Vietnam's staggering past.  Back in the addictive mayhem of Vietnam's biggest city you will have free time to carry on your explorations. Continuing to eat your way through Vietnam's culinary highlights would be one wise way to use your time (we think).


    Day 19 - Ho Chi Minh City To Nha Trang

    With some traditional R'n'R on our afternoon agenda, the morning can be used to put on our discovering boots. We'll dabble in history and religion before taking flight to a coastal town overlooking the South China Sea. Golden sand beaches, turquoise waters and a bustling night life - this is Nha Trang. This afternoon why not book in for a mineral mud bath and hot thermal spring experience before heading out to dinner with your crew. Ah, the good life.


    Day 20 - Nha Trang

    Good news - we're kicking it in Nha Trang for another night. Have a massage, sign up for the optional cruise, or just hang on the beach saving your energy for seaside bar fun as the sun sets.


    Day 21 - Nha Trang To Hoi'An

    We'll travel North and take a short coastal drive we find ourselves in a canal town overflowing with beauty and ancient history. With Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and European influences, Hoi An has no shortage of charm and architectural interest. Bike riding through the vibrant town, visiting an ancient house & ordering custom-made clothes at an artful tailor are just some of the activities that will colour our day. Tonight you can opt onto a Vietnamese cooking class, whipping up a storm of up to 4 traditional dishes.


    Day 22 - Hoi An

    Morning travellers! The day is all yours. Poke around in galleries & market stalls (the best shopping spots in Vietnam in our opinion) and devour all of the delectable treats on offer. And for a dose of culture, you could ride on one of Vietnam’s very own Bamboo Basket Boats (Yes, the ones that you’ve probably seen on Instagram). And to top it all off, we’ll grab some fresh coconut water straight from the tree to your tummy.


    Day 23 - Hoi An to Hanoi via Da Nang

    Leaving Hoi An will be sad. But we’re heading to Hanoi, so there’s hardly an excuse to not be excited. We’ll grab a quick breakfast and head to Da Nang… Fasten your seatbelts, folks. We’ll catch our internal flight to Hanoi from this quaint coastal town. Welcome to the city where all the bustling magic happens! We bet you’re starving from all that travel. That’s why we’ll head straight to the KOTO restaurant - a unique dining experience that supports disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. And with our tummies happy and full, we’ll visit the Temple of Literature (AKA Vietnam’s first-ever university.) But the sight-seeing doesn’t end there. It’s time to make our way to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, dedicated to a Vietnamese revolutionary leader. In the evening, you’re free to explore the capital however you like.


    Day 24 - Hanoi to Ninh Binh

    Next up, we’re heading to the epicentre of Vietnam's show-stopping natural beauty. Do you see them? Those lovely landscapes are all yours to admire and explore today. Get inside Vietnam’s legendary army jeep, or a vintage Vespa (if that’s your vibe) and let’s get going. Spend the day cherishing the crisp air and clear blue water. And if you love bird-watching, make sure to have your binoculars ready at all times.


    Day 25 - Ninh Binh to Halong Bay

    Up and about at the crack of dawn today! We’re climbing up 500 steps to the top of the Mua Cave to witness an incredible sunrise over the valley. (You certainly don’t wanna forget your camera for this one). A drive through stunning scenery will evoke plenty of 'oh wow's', but it only gets better as we board our home for the night, a Chinese-style junk boat in Halong Bay. Feel the serenity kicking in immediately as we drift the limestone island seas of the Gulf of Tonkin. We’ll pass hidden lagoons, thick forests & dreamy grottos. And also chill atop the Ti Top Island. A fresh seafood dinner and sunset at our docking spot will polish off a wonderful day packed with unforgettable moments and experiences.


    Day 26 - Halong Bay To Hanoi

    Today will be all about the leisurely vibes as we wake up to breakfast with a quick stop to explore the Sung Sot Caves. Make the most of your time on the junk boat - the views don't get much better than this. After heading back to Hanoi we find ourselves enjoying our final night together on tour. Save the choir of tears for tomorrow - this evening is all about making the most of your free time and staying positive so why not join us for one last family dinner and then onto Ta Hien to dance the night away.


    Day 27 - Hanoi

    Enjoy one final breakfast with the squad this morning before this epic Vietnam trip wraps up. Hug it out and make plans to reunite sometime soon - Latin America, perhaps?


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