Contiki | Delhi to Kathmandu | 2024-2025

This trip takes you from the colourful chaos of Delhi to Nepal's bustling capital, but it's what you'll see and do along the way that will stick in the memory the most. You'll witness the Taj Mahal, meet elephants at a rescue centre, explore the mystical bazaars of Lucknow, watch a sunrise light up the sacred sites of Varanasi and spot Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinos in Chitwan National Park before you even get to Kathmandu. Packed with adventure, spirituality, natural beauty and delicious food, this trip showcases the very best of India & Nepal.

Tour Operator: Contiki
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  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Arrive Delhi

    Welcome to the intoxicating cacophony of colours, smells, spices, culture and chaos that is Delhi. We'll bond with our Contiki fam today before kick-starting our adventure.


    Day 2 - Delhi

    Today we’ll explore one of the world’s most hustling, bustling cities (home to a cool 25m people!) With a local guide, we’ll discover Old Delhi & other top sights. Afterwards, the afternoon is yours to explore Delhi your way. Dinner tonight is a DIY vibe, tasting the best of Delhi with your new crew.


    Day 3 - Delhi to Varanasi

    Today we'll leave the magical mayhem of Delhi behind and catch a flight to Varanasi... Nestled alongside the Ganges is Varanasi, one of the holiest Hindu sites in the world - a place where pilgrims come to bathe in the sacred waters and cremate their loved ones. This place can be described as India in a nutshell - not for the faint of heart, but spiritual, riotous and touchingly passionate.


    Day 4 - Varanasi via the River Ganges

    Rise and shine! We're headed down to the river, boarding a small boat as dawn alights the Ganges. We'll watch the Ghat in front of us slowly come to life, as pilgrims bathe in the holy river, wash away their sins and fill bottles with holy water (we wouldn't recommend doing the same - it may be holy but that doesn't mean it's hygienic). After watching the sunrise from our boat, we'll weave our way through the narrow lanes, and get to see how life operates on the riverside. As the afternoon draws in, we'll explore the ruins of Sarnath, another holy location for another ancient religion. Located on the outskirts of the city, this is said to be the location from which Buddha delivered his first sermon after achieving enlightenment. Finish off an epic day by getting lost (on purpose) in the spidery lanes of the old city where our local guide will show Varanasi's hidden gems.


    Day 5 - Varanasi to Lucknow

    Today we can officially tick Varanasi off our lists. Next, we’ll make our way to a true historical hotspot – Lucknow, here we come. We'll have a free evening to admire Lucknow's ethereal bazaars, opulent Raj-era architecture and delicious food. Whether you decide to walk its broad boulevards or beautiful gardens, you'll wonder how this place has escaped the overwhelming tourist attention of some other Indian towns.


    Day 6 - Lucknow

    Long regarded as India's centre for culture and art, Lucknow is full of wonders for us to explore this morning. We won't waste any time, as we start off with a locally guided sightseeing tour, coming up close to La Martiniere building - a beautiful and historic private school - and the Asafi Imambara, one of the most regal architectural complexes in the world. Taking almost a decade to build, the building famously employed locals in the region while a ravaging famine swept India. Lucknow is also famous for its Awadhi cuisine, so we recommend taking a culinary walk of the city, hopping in and out of roadside eateries and getting a complete taste of the local culture.


    Day 7 - Lucknow to Agra

    See ya, Lucknow, we're headed to one of the world's oldest cities. Then, you'll have the opportunity to get your bucket list ticked with an optional visit to one of mankind's masterpieces: the majestic Taj Mahal (you'll also get the chance to visit the 17th century Agra Fort). The Taj Mahal, the 17th century memorial building considered by many to be the most beautiful building in the world, naturally dominates Agra, but it isn't the only thing to be found here. The city, curving along the holy Yamuna River, is dotted with mausoleums, tombs and heaving marketplaces.


    Day 8 - Agra to Kathmandu via Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Centre and Delhi

    Jumping on our air-conditioned coach we'll head to our next stop... We'll visit the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rescue Centre, where we'll meet over 20 rescued elephants and witness the only elephant hospital in Asia. Wasting no time this afternoon, we're getting a speedy flight to Kathmandu, Nepal... We've arrived into Kathmandu!


    Day 9 - Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park

    We've arrived into Kathmandu! Next up… A world heritage reserve teeming with rhinos, deer, monkeys, elephants, sloth bears, and even the majestic Bengal Tiger.


    Day 10 - Chitwan National Park

    One of the remaining undisturbed areas of the Terai region, this rich ecosystem is wedged between two river valleys on the outer Himalayas, which provide a beautiful backdrop to the steep cliffs and lush plantlands. This morning we'll take a jungle walk to soak in the spectacular beauty, before heading out on our once-in-a-lifetime jeep safari. One of the last safe havens for the one-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger - both heavily endangered -  Chitwan offers one of the best wildlife spotting experiences on the planet.


    Day 11 - Chitwan National Park to Kathmandu

    Today we're headed back to Nepal's bustling capital. It's time to uncover Kathmandu on a locally guided tour of its UNESCO World Heritage Site of Durbar Square - the old royal palace of the former kingdom, parts of which were tragically destroyed in the earthquake of 2015. As we walk, we'll marvel at the medieval temples, captivating courtyards and charming mayhem.


    Day 12 - Kathmandu

    Our Adventure ends today in Kathmandu, but our hearts will remain amongst the hills, jungles and sacred sites of India and Nepal, and there's always a new trek around the corner. If you want to tick off one last bucket list item before you go...there's a chance to take a scenic flight across the Himalayas this morning.


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